Arvigo Maya Massage by Judith Mulgrew

I don’t know about you all but this weekend has been crazy busy! I suppose the lead up to Christmas always is but as I have only started my Christmas shopping I think I noticed it even more. After tackling the shops I am ready for another relaxing Arvigo Maya Massage that I had recently in Skin Medi Spa. Although this treatment isn’t specifically for relaxation I could believe how much stress and anxiety it helped with.  
The lovely Judith from Skin Medi Spa recently approached me about trying out the treatment. I’ll be honest, I am normally skeptical about alternative treatments – especially since Judith told me that she train in Belize, Central America. However, after researching the treatment online I was intrigued and had to give it a go.    
Judith Mulgrew specialising in Fertility and Women’s Health. As the proprietor of Skin Medi Spa on the Lisburn Road, Belfast, Judith has made it her aim to build her knowledge in holistic and alternative therapies and treatments.
“The Arvigo Technique is a non-invasive external massage on the abdominal area and back. It re-aligns the abdominal and pelvic organs while also enhancing circulation and nervous system function.”
The Arvigo is successful in assisted women with many different illnesses or ailments forever example, painful or irregular periods, fertility problems or miscarriages, endometriosis, menopausal symptoms, ovarian cysts, pain during intercourse, UTIโ€™s, depression or panic attacks, low back pain, incontinence, frequent urination, headaches, migraines and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) amongst many, many more. 

For me, I was so keen to try the treatment as I have always suffered from recurrent UTI’s as well as IBS more recently. 

I headed down to Skin Medi Spa on a Friday morning and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get parked outside the spa – you automatically presume because it’s on the Lisburn Rd that it will be a nightmare but it wasn’t. The therapists greeted me with a herbal Suki tea and asked me to complete some paperwork before the treatment. Judith then talked me through my symptoms highlighted in the paperwork and how and what the treatment is. Then the relaxation began.

To summarise the whole treatment, it is like a hugely relaxing back and tummy massage – unbelievable! So, so relaxing. Afterwards, Judith talked me through the follow up simple exercises to complete at home.

To get the full effects from the treatment, you are recommended to do between 2 and 6 treatments and although my IBS has still flared up, I haven’t had a UTI since! 

I couldn’t recommend Judith enough for the treatment and especially for those having fertility issues who can have the treatment alongside any fertility medical treatment they are undertaking. We often find it difficult to talk about private issues with a stranger but this wasn’t the case with Judith. She was warm, welcoming and bubbly – we just chatted away as if I had knew her for years! 



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