Aunty Rosemary’s Cheesy Potato Bake

This is my ultimate comfort food. It is so, so yummy but so, so bad! Shortly after I got married my great aunt gave me a similar recipe to this to try for my husband. I’d told her how he just eats meat, meat and more meat but she was adamant he would love this – and he did!

I try to use the bacon lardons when I can as they make it even yummier but they are so hard to get now so bacon will do if you can’t get the lardons. This recipe has enough for four people however we often just gorb it between us both (hence its really, really bad!!). Definitely play around with the amount of garlic you put in. We love it reaalllyyy garlicky so the more the better! 

Enjoy! And remember to tag TBB in any pics if you try it! 


What you’ll need to make enough for four people.

1.3kg Potatoes (9-11 medium potatoes)

150ml Double Cream

275g Bacon Lardons or 10-12 rashers

Olive oil

2 garlic gloves (or 1teaspoon of garlic granules and 1tbsp of garlic purΓ©e)

400g cheese

How to pull the grub together

1. Boil your peeled potatoes for around 30mins or until the knife just goes through

2. Whilst boiling the potatoes free your bacon.

3. Add the garlic mixture to the bacon when cooked.

4. Add the double cream to the bacon mixture and simmer.

5. When the potatoes are boiled allow them to cool. Then slice them into 1cm slices.

6. Later the mixture in an oven proof dish. Potatoes followed by the cream and bacon mixture.

7. Add the grated cheese to the top of the bake and add to the oven at 180 degrees until the cheese melts.

Serve and enjoy! 



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