The Belfast Bride’s Quickie Chicken Pie 

At the minute it constantly feels like I am on the go. With working full time plus blogging, I very rarely get to sit down and just catch up with my husband. Don’t get me wrong I AM NOT complaining at all! I love my job and love that the blog keeps me busy but sometimes you realise you need to sit down and have a home cooked meal.

I have always loved to cook and promised myself that I would make the utmost effort to make my husband two home cooked dinners this weekend. What better way to catch up than over some grub.

However, on Saturday I was still so, so busy. So I quickly pulled together this easy peasy pie. Posting recipes has never been something I thought of doing, I am not a chef/cook and my food does not/will not EVER taste like something Jamie Oliver whisked up, but after so many of you loved it on Snap Chat I said I would stick it up on the blog! 

This pie is so quick to make and perfect for me to pull together in the morning before work and then stick in the oven when I get home. So here it is.. Enjoy! Don’t forget to tag me in pictures if you give it a go!

The Belfast Bride’s Quickie Chicken Pie

What you’ll need to make enough for two people

2x Large Chicken Breasts

1x Roll of Puff Pastry (I have made my own before but this is a quickie pie after all)

1x Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Soup

1 teaspoon of Worchester Sauce

1 teaspoon mustard  

1 stock cube

How to pull the grub together

1. Cut up your chicken breasts into the size of chunks you like.

2. Fry these with a spray or two of Fry Lite

3. Whisk up a stock cube and 100ml of water and throw it in the pan until the evaporates

4. At this point if you wanted to add it any cooked bacon/ham you could

5. Stir in your condensed soup

6. Scoop the mixture out of the frying pan and into your pie dish

7. Layer your pastry over the top of your pie mixture

8. Cook in the oven at 180 degrees 

 And voila! The quickest chicken pie rustled up in under 30minutes. I am absolutely raging I don’t have a finished photo but Carl had already dug in before I got a pic (men!). If, like me, your always cooking in a rush. You can make up your pie mixture in the morning/night before work and then just add the pastry and pop it in the oven around 30mins before serving.
I hope you enjoy!


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