Eliza Jane Howell

Every few months I become OBSESSED with a new bridal wear designer. I don’t know how but before I know it I’m stalking their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages waiting for new images of “real brides” or their new collections. So what better way to deal with my stalkerish behaviour than to share my obsession with you all.

So here it is. My first ever indepth focus into a bridal wear designer and who better to start with than the Eliza Jane Howell collection. 

 Honestly everytime I’m on the Eliza Jane Howell Facebook page I can hear Sam Smyth’s “The Writings on the Wall” in the background. Her designs ooze glamour and sophistication from years gone by. 

Renowned designer Gill Harvey has brought together her years of experience to create the Eliza Jane Howell Bridal Collection.

Gill Harvey, a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, is the creator behind the bridal collection which is named after her grandmother. The collection is “designed for the modern day bride who would love to wear a dress that oozes the glamour, sophistication and decadence of the golden age of fashion.”

These showstopping, dramatic gowns are perfect for the modern day bride who loves that vintage edge or for any bride longing to make a statement on her wedding day.

I. Am. Obsessed. 

“Taking inspiration from exquisite vintage gowns, the Eliza Jane Howell collection is the epitome of grown up glamour.” 


Price range £1,000-3,000

N.I. Stockists: Petticoat Lane Bridal, Hillsborough. Creative Ideas Bridal, Cookstown.


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