What type of bride are you?

This post is as much for a bride-to-be as it is for bridesmaids, people working in the wedding industry, future husbands and anyone who will ever come into contact with a bride-to-be (that’s you all then!).

Let’s clear one thing up. Just like a persons nature, no two brides are ever the same! Heck you could be an identical twin and still have two entirely different weddings. So how on earth do you deal with the emotions of planning a wedding? To put it simply, I’ve met three types of brides since starting The Belfast Bride.   

1. The “Control Freak” AKA Bridezilla

This was me. Yep I can admit it I was a Bridezilla. Before people had even got over the shock of me being engaged I had thrown a strop that my bridesmaids couldn’t attend my first dress appointment. We just can’t help ourselves, it has to be perfect – so who are you to stand in our way.

To those who have to deal with us just roll with it. Let us have our strops, huffs and demands, we only get one wedding day (unless our other half gets fed up and leaves us at the alter, then you may have this to do all over again!). Be patient and remember, it will all be over soon.

Brides-to-be, remember even if the chair covers are not the correct shade of Ivory, no one will die! I swore blind I would never have those ridiculous chair covers that look like curtains on my wedding day – I went as far as to pay ยฃ8 per chair extra to have particular chair covers. It was only the day after the wedding when I was collecting my flowers that I realised they had used the wrong chair covers! I had went the whole day without noticing – and no one died. 

 2. The Majorly Relaxed “Awk It’ll Do” Bride.

Recently I got chatting to the lovely Lisa from Bellamianta tan who told me she basically knew nothing about her whole wedding day until it happened. I’m serious. Like nothing (and yes she is totally normal!). As wedding gifts, her family all took on a wedding role in planning the big day, with someone sending out the invites, family organising the music – her guests did it all! After the shock had settled I thought how much of an amazing idea it was but it struck me that some brides are laid back and not “psycho-ish” like me.

To those who have to deal with a laid back bride – This bride will definitely take a little more work. If you don’t keep on top of her plans you may find the night before the big day you are banging on her front door demanding decisions!

Bride-to-be, it’s kinda good if you could have some ideas for suppliers to work with and it will help reduce stress later down the line. 

 3. The “Mind Changer” Bride.

This bride just can’t make up her mind. We are blessed in NI, Ireland and the UK to have some of the most amazing suppliers for weddings. Choice in the wedding industry is constantly growing so is it any wonder it’s so difficult for a bride to make up her mind? One of The Belfast Bride’s followers (who shall remain nameless) recently told me she has changed her mind that much she’s stopped telling her other half when she makes a decision because she knows it won’t last more than 24hrs.

To those who have to deal with the mind changer bride, make sure to outline all the options and check in with them from time to time to see if they have any worries or have changed their mind!

Brides – it isn’t a big deal. Stay calm, you are allowed to change your mind! For you, it’s probably best not to book on “designer weekends” or special promotions. If you see something you like, take 48hrs to think over it and if you still feel the same then book it!  

 Planning a wedding is never easy and every bride or groom handles it differently. By knowing what type of bride you are hopefully you can reign it in and everything will flow smoothly!

Remember, The Belfast Bride is always here for help or guidance on your big day, just drop us an email, PM or DM. Good luck!


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