Quirky Wedding Show 2015

So the Quirky Wedding Show is currently in full swing. A ma-hoo-sive queue started forming from 11.20 to avail of the 500 half price tickets and from then brides and grooms have continually flocked and still are! 

 Stand by It’s Complicated, Sugar.

As I walked around the show before doors opened, you could barely get a chance to speak to exhibitors. Why? Because they put in so much time and effort into their stands with every little bit being scrutinised. You can be guaranteed to see the most authentic, quirky and over the top stands at Quirky Weddings! 

  Innocent Chaos, Roco & Miley The Flower Room Belfast

The vibe is unreal! This show has a buzz like no other. The N.I. “craic” between exhibitors is incredible and everyone is pulling together to get ready for the influx of couples and families that are about to arrive. 

  Papa J’s The Cake Parlour

Quirky Weddings is most definitely one of the most colourful shows out there. Traditionally, we associate wedding stands with pale beige, whites and pastels but this is not the case. The bigger, bolder and brighter are all welcomed and all held build the atmosphere between exhibitors and couples.  

 If you are still in need of booking wedding suppliers for your wedding or maybe just fancy nipping down to see if you have missed something, then Quirky is on until 5pm today at the Waterfront and it is not to be missed!


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