Belfast Bride On: Must Do’s Before a Bridal Dress Appointment

Dailing the number to a bridal store automatically seems more exciting than calling anyone else. Seriously, who doesn’t want to visit one of these beautiful shops?!? And in Ireland, we are blessed with some amazing bridal stores and boutiques. However, after my many, many visits to stores trying to find my dream dress I picked up a few helpful tips which may be of use to The Belfast Bride followers.

1. Don’t expect fireworks, tears or major movie group hugs.

Let’s be realistic ladies. We live in Ireland and as a nation we are known for being very affectionate! Although the movies show “finding the dress” as an over the top, highly emotional scene, in real life there aren’t any fireworks… well for the most of us! I blame Disney for my visit to over twelve shops trying to find “the dress” as I was waiting for this big moment! But as a matter of fact I had found it in the second shop I visited and it was my dream dress, I just didn’t realise! 

 2. Wear appropriate underwear

The fact of the matter is when you are trying on dresses someone will need to help you into them, do up a corset or help you put on a viel for the first time. So you definitely don’t want to be wear Homer Simpson pants!

3. Research the designers and the stores price range

There is absolutely no point in booking an appointment, waiting two weeks for it to come around and then finding the store is totally out of your price range or doesn’t stock the style of dress you want. It was just be disappointing to you and the store who really want to help!

4. Who to bring

As much as some people only want to go with mum whilst others want to bring half of their family there is no right or wrong answer. However, remember that if everyone gives you an opinion and you have 10 people with you there’s only one thing you will have… A sore head! The same can be said if you only bring one person as you may not feel certain. Try to bring a couple/a few people who know you well enough and who are honest and loving! 

 5. Think, think, think.

Designer weekends are amazing! You get to see dresses before many others and many bridal stores now offer discount events if you purchase on a designer weekend. However, personally I do not think a decision like choosing your wedding dress can be made immediately. Go home, have a chat and sleep on it. The best stores will allow your discount offer to remain for 24 hours. You don’t want to be in a situation were you decide 6 months before your wedding that your dress isn’t “the one” trust me on this!! 

I hope these few little tips help on your wedding dress journey. Let us know what you think!

Jenna x


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