Honeymoon Beauty Hacks!

On your big day you are blessed to have an amazing MUA or hairdresser but on the honeymoon unless your Kimmy K it’s doubtful! So to help you out I have comprised some of my favourite beauty hacks! 

These aren’t just for your honeymoon either! Everyone has one of those days.. Your makeup isn’t sitting right, can’t be bothered washing your hair or you are in serious need of a manicure. Let’s be honest girls.. We have all been there!

But first! Before you read this blog post, take note! I am not a makeup artist, hairdresser or nail technician (nor do I claim to be! If you seen me on a Sunday afternoon you’d think I was a slob!) so these beauty hacks are from one normal girl to another 😘

1. How to disguise outgrown nails

I am lucky if I get 2 weeks between my nail refresh appointment as my nails grow so quickly but on honeymoon I was able to use this sneaky trick! Applying glitter polish to the outgrown area closest to your cuticle creates the look of an ombrΓ© glitter nail – perfect! 

2. The hairdryer trick – it isn’t just for your hair

Being on honeymoon is all about spending time with your new husband – not spending hours getting ready! Ask your face with the hairdryer on a mild setting to help your face dry quicker in between applications i.e. moisturiser and foundation. More time at the cocktail bar 😍

3. Highlighting and contouring – it’s as simple as 3E

It would be lovely to bring your MUA away with you but unfortunately it isn’t possible 😳. I learnt this 3E trick from an MUA friend who was trying to help me understand how on earth to contour. It is perfect if you are in a rush! 

4. From day time sophistication to smokey glamour in 10 seconds

We’ve all been there. Out for the day, you get chatting to another couple and next thing you know your all heading out for dinner and drinks. A quick trick to transform your make up is to smudge your eye liner. This will create a quick smokey eye to allow you to feel more glam heading out. 

 5. Baby powder please

Greasy hair is never good but washing your hair for the beach is a major waste! Pop some baby powder in your hair before going to bed and brush it out the next morning. This is perfect if you don’t have any dry shampoo to hand or if you find it leaves your hair looking white!

6. Beach ready waves

Pop a plait in your hair when going to bed and when you wake up the next morning you will have beach ready waves rather than a major bed head. A little back combing and you will be good to go!

Photos: Cosmo UK and Pinterest

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