Must haves for 2015/16 brides 

I have been on a major Pinterest hunt this weekend to pull out the must have trends for upcoming couples getting married in 2015 and 2016.


I uploaded this picture on The Belfast Bride Facebook recently and you all loved it! Having your wedding day flowers pressed has always been a tradition but pressing them into a frame is the perfect way to keep them forever.

Getting all the pictures you want on your big day is never easy so why not leave it up to your guests! Polaroid cameras are inexpensive and you can bet your guests will love hunting for these pics! 

 Test the bravery of your guests – will they get soaked or covered in confetti? I had to include this as it looks so much craic! You can be sure you could only see this at an NI or Irish wedding 😂 

 I doubt you will pack kirby grips, wipes, super glue or pins in your suitcase – not the traditional things you pack when staying over night somewhere. So creating a Wedding Day emergency kit is a great idea!


2015 has been the year of selfies so make sure not to miss out on taking one you can look back on forever! Make it a good one and send them to us at The Belfast Bride – we love them! 😍


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