8 Wedding Day Musts Do’s!

In the run up to your big day there are certain things you will have planned down to a tee! How your hair will look, the route your car will take or even by how many minutes you will arrive late! But there are a few must do’s I though I would let you in on.

Some of these I did on my big day and some I wish I had done so hopefully they help you! 

 1. Have someone keep an eye on your house.

Let’s get the pessimistic one out of the way. Unfortunately, robberies do happen and I have heard of so many families who have been robbed as opportunists know they will be away for the day.

2. Make sure to have a BIG breakfast.

Your whole day will go by in a whirl! It truly is the most amazing but quickest day you will ever have and by the time your dinner comes around you will probably be on too much of a high to eat. So make sure to eat something substantial as a bride scoffing a kebab at 2am just isn’t attractive ๐Ÿ™ˆ 

 3. Assist a “go to” person

As much as you would like to think you “have it all covered” it is highly likely something unexpected will come up. My “go to” on the big day was my poor daddy and trust me, he came in handy! Whether it is to collect any last minute flowers or to pay last minute suppliers (have money in named envelopes!) they may come in useful.

4. Take 10 minutes with your new husband/wife

Lisa from Bellamianta told me how a couple took her and her new husband to the side on their big day and set them down a bottle of champagne just to enjoy time alone together – I love this idea! As much as your day is all about you both, for much of it you will spend it with others so make sure to take 10 minutes to catch up and enjoy each other’s company! 

 5. Someone to keep the marriage certificate.

After your service the minister/priest/officiant will give you your signed marriage certificate. If you have someone already prepped to keep it, it won’t be such a big surprise on the day – most wedding dresses don’t have pockets!

6. Must have photos!

Make sure your photographer knows your must have shots! For me I really wanted a picture of myself and the girls I had worked with in The Perfume Shop as I had worked with these girls since I was 16 and really grew up working with them but for most I doubt they want pictures with their work colleagues! Keep your photographer in the loop and you won’t have any regrets.

7. Assign the photographer a “right hand man/woman”

On the day there will be a lot going on and a lot of photos being taken (think around 600+). You won’t have time to fetch people for the photographer so we introduced them to the chief bridesmaid and best man who were able to identify family members and friends who need to be in the photos.

8. Last minute gifts

If you don’t have a pre wedding party your guests or evening guests may show up with gifts. Make sure you have someone who can take these to a designated room or area to keep them safe. Remember if this is the bridal suite they will need a key! 

 I hope this helps your day run more smoothly but most of all remember to have an absolute ball! Enjoy every moment it truly is the best day.

Remember if you ever have any questions you can send The a Belfast Bride a DM on Twitter or Instagram, FB mail us or Snap us! ๐Ÿ™‹ 



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