Bellamianta 💜

This week I had the pleasure of meeting one half of the dream team behind the newest must have Bellamianta tan.

Lisa kindly brought me along a little gift including their famous (and only two week old!) tan as well as Bellamianta’s creative new mit for tan application. I couldn’t wait to rush home and apply it as I had been feeling very pasty at work on Friday 🙈.

 A little about Bellamianta

The tan was created by Linda and Lisa, both of whom have extensive career experience in the beauty industry. Lisa explained Bellamianta has been two years in the making with the tan being redesigned FORTY NINE times to ensure it was perfect.

🌞 No odour

🌞 Dries in 60seconds

🌞 Paraben and sulphate free

🌞 Not tested on animals

🌞 It’s only £14.99

🌞 Produces an instant colour

I was gobsmacked by the level of colour I achieved in one application! This is me directly after applying it sitting on my bed – it really does dry in 60 seconds! Bellamianta is perfect for applying and heading straight out as there is no odour and it dries so quick! 

 The mit is also amazing 😍. As the waterproof laying is sewn onto the inside layer of the mit you are guaranteed durability. It is also machine washable so won’t fall apart like other mits – just make sure to allow it to dry naturally! 

 I have been on the look out for a perfect wedding day tan for sometime now and Bellamianta is perfect for your bridal party as well as being extremely affordable. I had so many compliments on it when I headed out for dinner with the other half on Saturday night.

 Remember to add Belfast Bride on Snapchat (TheBelfastBride) to keep up-to-date and check out Bellamienta’s stockists in your area on their Facebook page or alternatively order online at

Happy Sunday!


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