La Bella Vita ๐Ÿ’‡

Hello all!

I have been a little MIA this week as I have been a major sick note again (sigh!) and I have basically just been sleeping the week away! HOWEVER, last week I took the plunge and finally got my hair extensions back in (yay!).

I got hair extensions a couple of years before my wedding as I was fed up of having short, thin hair. I was so, so nervous about getting them as I had heard some major horror stories but after meeting Sarah and Katie from La Bella Vita I thought “why not!” 

 Two years on, I had my extensions in for my wedding and for my honeymoon and they were amazing!! In May this year I decided to take them out to give my hair a “breather.” As much as everyone kept telling me there was no damage I was still worried and wanted to see for myself after almost 3 years of wearing them.     I couldn’t believe how healthy and long my own hair had got! I had no damage to my natural hair and the only difference now was that I was back to having thinner hair! I lasted six weeks before heading back to Sarah, Katie and the lovely girls at La Bella Vita  and here are my results! I was happy with the length of my own hair but really just wanted to add major volume!  

 I decided to go with a half head of micro and nano rings. Nano rings are somewhat smaller than micro rings which are “clamped” onto your natural hair strands. They are perfect for those with thin hair like myself. Micro rings are brilliant for those with thicker hair and are a little stronger than nano rings as the ring is bigger. I decided to go with a half head (I couldn’t fit anymore hair in, my hairs so thin!!) of nano rings around my hair line with micro rings at the back of my head. This way I have the strength of the micro rings but when I tie my hair up you can’t see the nano rings around the sides!

The girls at La Bella Vita are absolutely fantastic and so knowledgable about what they do! Sarah was able to advise me on which type of bond was most suitable for my hair type and how to care for my extensions at home (a little recap is always brilliant!). I’ve had them in almost two weeks now and I love the feeling of having fuller hair again!! I use Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner when washing my hair and ensure I always use an Keratin based oil for the ends of my hair. This makes sure the extensions still look like new months later. 


La Bella Vita also offer a full range of hairdressing, makeup application, HD Brows, spray tans, Clinch Waist Corsets and more recently…. Botox And Dermal Lip Fillers by Dr Gillian Johnston!

You can check out La Bella Vita’s website Here and their Facebook and Instagram pages  Here and HereFeel free to send me across any of your questions on FB or Instagram or you can Snapchat me at @thebelfastbride.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!๐Ÿ’œ


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