The Perch Belfast

When: Saturday 27th June at The Perch Launch Weekend


On Saturday night, I joined the hundreds of people who came to the launch weekend of the newest bar to join Belfast. I had seen the Friday night launch pictures and knew I had to try it for myself!

It is set on the 5th floor above Chinawhite and Rita’s in the fabulous linen quarter of Belfast and it does not disappoint….

We arrived around 10pm just in time as the place was absolutely buzzing, with everyone wanting to be part of the fabulous launch weekend created by the Perch team. As I walked through the entrance, ivory artificial trees and grass covered the area leading to the lift and stairs. We were feeling fit so decided to take the stairs but did not realise there would be so many! I would definitely just take the lift in future!


As we arrived into the bar, it was clear that the entire perch team had spared no expense in perfecting the beauty of the area, it looked flawless! The artificial grass and eclectic feel flowed into the bar with blankets and wicker seats for guests.


The drinks were amazing, especially the cocktails! That’s not all though as they also have a barbecue to satisfy any food cravings, the smell coming from the barbecue was unreal! The music was very chilled and current and helped to create a very casual vibe.

The atmosphere was second to none with an overall chilled and relaxed night and I can’t wait to go back again this week to try the amazing food on offer. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon drink in the sun!

Open from 1pm to 1am, The Perch Belfast is the new hotspot in town.


Photograph By Aidan O’Reilly for Belfast Live


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