Wedding Shoes 😍

Always a girls favourite topic!

I had a total shoe-disaster pre-️wedding when the Jimmy Choo’s I had bought made my dress too short! This was a huge secret (until now lol!)  but thankfully a pair of Kurt Geigers saved the day until I got to put my Jimmy Choo’s on for the evening. 

Crisis averted! 

So…. Lesson number 1 of wedding shoe shopping – make sure your heel isn’t too high! Here are some of my favourites from “not so dear” to the famous Carrie Bradshaw Manolo Blahniks!



These beauties are perfect for anyone on a budget! At only £50 from Asos they are a steal!

 Another Asos pair now for those of you who prefer the pain and simple things ❤️These little numbers are named “Palma” and are only £30! 

Asos (again!) but serioulsly, how pretty are these “Heat of the Moment”? Plus.. they are only £45!


 These jewelled to the eye balls Steve Madden court shoes are perfect if you want to make a statement! They are priced at £89.

Every girl needs a pair of Louboutins in her life! The red sole make such a statement! You can go white but at least with beige you could always wear them again. The “Very Prive” are £525 and the Pigalle are £425.


Jimmy Choo has to be the saviour of ️wedding shoes! They really can do no wrong there is so much diversity! 




Last, but certainly not least, those famous Manolo Blahniks! Need I say more?


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