Whiter than white

Happy Friddaaayyy!

I dunno about you but Friday is definitely my favourite day of the week! No work tomorrow 😍 Today is particularly shiny though as yesterday I took the plunge and finally got my teeth whitened!

My lovely hubby treated me and we headed down to Bellaire Hair and Beauty in Belfast.

The Salon

Bellaire is a beautiful salon based in the centre of Belfast (it’s only two minutes away from the Uni of Ulster building). The salon itself is bright hosting a red, back and white theme throughout. You can really tell clients are at the heart of this salon. From pictures of clients and staff on the walls to a mass of client pictures on their Facebook and Instragram pages this salon is devoted to producing the best results!

Teeth Whitening

I was offered my last tea or coffee for the next 4-8 hours on arrival (sigh!) and given a consent form to fill out. It explained in depth about side effects, what to do and not to do post treatment (see my little summary below). After this the therapist talked me through the process.

I was given a mouth guard and the gel was applied directly onto my teeth. After this a light was put directly above my teeth and I was left to chill for 15 minutes. The gel was then wiped off and reapplied for the next 15 minutes. This was repeated until my hour was up.

At the end, I was able to rinse out my mouth and compare my results with my original colouring and wow! I had gone up almost 4 shades whiter!

(I never EVER smile with my teeth hence this horrendous smile!)
The Do’s and Dont’s


  • Check out the girls in Bellaire – they are so friendly and welcoming!
  • Drink plenty of water before and after to keep your teeth hydrated.
  • Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee beforehand – this is your last for 4-8hours!
  • Keep smiling with your sparkly, white teeth!


  • Avoid dark coloured liquids e.g. Tea, coffee, beetroot, curry.
  • Don’t get your teeth whitened if you are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy.
  • Expect to look like Ross in that Friends episode where his teeth glowed… That is not attractive!


The Belfast Bride x


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