Wedding Day Perfume 

Anyone who knows me personally knows of my love of fragrance! On my 16th birthday I began working in “The Perfume Shop” and the girls really nurtured and educated me on fragrance… And life!

6 years on, and I am still obsessed! Choosing scent for my big day was so difficult and I changed my mind so much but my understanding helped me choose the perfect scent! Therefore, I thought if I broke it all down it may help others on their big day!

The Basics

On your wedding day, most people want the scent to last as long as possible leading them to EDP or Parfum fragrances. Although these do last the longest, it is important to try the fragrance on your skin as some fragrances in some strengths may not suit you.

Another way to make the scent last longer is to “layer” it. Layering is simply the application of different products containing the scent on your skin i.e. shower/bath gel, body lotion/cream and the perfume. *Perfume will last longer on well-moisturised skin – if you have dry skin you will need to reapply more during the day!*

Finally, a mini refill spray. The Perfume Shop stock “Travello’s” and they are a must have! You can “pump” your fragrance into the mini refill spray and carry it around with you – perfect for a wedding guest, bridesmaid, MOB or even the bride! 

Choosing a scent

It is important to choose a scent which you like, after all it is you wearing it! Go for scents in similar fragrance families to fragrances you have previously worn e.g. floral fragrances. *Citrus based fragrances are know to last the least on the skin and are often very light fragrances.”

Try a variety of fragrances and narrow it down to two scents (if you can!). Try one on each wrist and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Here’s why:-

A fragrance is built up of 3 notes:

  • Top notes – These are the first impressions of the fragrance you smell and the usually only last 10-30 minutes.

  • Middle notes – Are noticed as the top notes evaporate appearing 10-45 mins after applying the fragrance. These usually last longer than top notes.

  • Base notes – These notes are usually noticed last, just before the middle notes fade as they are made up of the largest, heavier molecules. Base notes can be detected up to 24 hours later, although normally 8hrs! 

Fragrance concentration

This is how strong the fragrance is i.e. how much it is diluted from the extremely concentrated essential oils.

For ladies, Parfum is the strongest lasting 6-8 hours on the skin. Followed by the Eau de Parfum (EDP) lasting 4-6 hours, the Eau de Toliette (EDT) lasting 2-4 hours and finally L’eau fragrances which last the least time at 2-4 hours on the skin.

Make sure to try each concentration available in your chosen scent on your own skin to check it suits you!

Remember! Perfume is personally, what suits you may not suit others!

Top Tips

1. Try the scent on your skin and leave for at least 10 minutes.

2. When trying fragrances, sniff your sleeve in between smelling different scents – this helps you smell each scent individually!

3. Purchase an associated product. Personally I love body creams as these have the highest moisturising agent and perfume lasts longer on well moisturised skin!

4. Speak to a member of staff who can recommend wedding day fragrances and fragrances you may like.

5. Travello! Travello! Travello! I am obsessed, these are ultra handy!

6. Apply to your pulse points – wrists, neck, behind your knees as well as your hair to last longer.


The Belfast Bride x


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