Loveliest Little Things ❤️

I have always been one for quirky, personalised little things. Don’t get me wrong… I hate tacky but there are certain personalised items that I adore!

For Valentines this year I had told my hubby I didn’t want the “over the top” present. I wanted something small and cute that he had put a little thought into. Low and behold he came up with the idea of getting a picture from Loveliest Little Things!

I spoke to Danielle about what exactly I wanted and how I pictured it to turn out and I love it!

A little about Danielle
Danielle is a newly engaged (yippee! Check out the ring!!) illustrator from Newtonards. She lives with her new fiancé Jonny Cash (yes, you heard right! These two are the ultimate cool couple!), their German Shepherd Dexter, cat Pepi and lizard Leonard.


“My most favourite things are.. the word lovely, tea with two sugars, eating nutella with a spoon, crime documentaries, walt Disney and Tom Hardy.”

Danielle graduated with a Fine Art Degree from the University of Ulster in 2014 and started Loveliest Little Things back in March of 2014.

A little about Loveliest Little Things
Since 2014, Loveliest Little Things has sold over 600 illustrations and sent work all over the UK, Canada, Australia and America.

Danielle creates bespoke pictures unique to each client. From weddings to pets you can be sure she has already covered it!






If you haven’t already check Danielle’s page out definitely pop over! I can’t wait to see what she does for my next one!

Belfast Bride xx


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