No7 Skin Illuminator

What: No7 Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid
Where: Boots
How Much: £11

This is my new must have beauty product!
I have been looking for a skin Illuminator for ages now and whilst I always seem drawn to the dearest products I thought I might as well give this ago! To be truthful, I had enough Boots points which made it free.. Who could say no to that?!

The product is uber easy to use! You turn the neck of the tube to on, squeeze and rub it over your face using the little brush on top. So far I’ve been putting it over my forehead, cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose and I am loving it!

It comes in two colours; peach and pink (I went with peach!). I’ve been using it after applying my moisturiser and then just applying my foundation on top as normal and the result is fantastic! The creamy texture is filled with iridescent shimmer which produces a healthy glow underneath your make up. My make up looks entirely different and I love the glow it’s given me!

For £11 you really can’t go wrong… Who knows you may even have enough Boots points stored up too!


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