Andrea and Jack’s Engagement!

Who: Andrea Keery and Jack Anker
When: New Years Eve
Where: Attic Rooftop Bar in Times Square, New York

Prepare to be in awe!

As soon as I seen Andrea’s engagement pictures I knew I had to have them on the blog!

As if heading off to New York on New Years Eve wasn’t amazing enough, the lovely Jack decided to get down on one knee and propose to Andrea on the Attic Rooftop Bar in Times Square.

After enjoying a bottle of champagne they ventured up to the balcony for a picture over the ball drop in Times Square. Jack asked a passer-by to take picture of them both during which he got down on one knee!


Dreamy or what!

Andrea told me how she was screaming, crying & laughing whilst everyone around them was cheering and congratulating them.

Now let’s take a moment to look at the ring 😍



It truly sounded like the perfect way to see the new year in. I couldn’t be happier for you Andrea and I cannot wait to see your wedding pictures!



Belfast Bride x


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