The Quirky Wedding Show

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Cate Conway from The Quirky Wedding show and I just couldn’t help but blog about it! Here’s just a snippet of what I learnt about Quirky Weddings.


The best of the best. The Quirky Wedding show ethos is centred around only having the best of the best at their shows. Did you know they hand pick their exhibitors? With over 200 suppliers applying each year to exhibit at the show, Cate and Saima only choose the top 120 and they currently have a waiting list!

Variety. Within the 120 exhibitors the Quirky Wedding show, Cate and Saima play host to a set number of each type of supplier e.g. photographers. Within this set number Quirky Weddings have worked hard to ensure a diverse range of styles. From traditional to rustic you are sure to find what you need.

Friendly and helpful. It’s not often you meet someone who is genuinely lovely, down to earth and eager to help! Cate was all of these things with me and she is known for doing the same with her customers. Cate is known to help source random items for weddings and suggest companies and venues. She’s also been known to fix the odd wedding problem!

Diversity. No, not the dancers… actual diversity.Β  The Quirky Wedding show is not a bridal show. It is a wedding show! It’s for everyone! Gay, straight, man, woman, old, young, size 6 or size 22 YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!

Afraid you aren’t Quirky enough? Don’t be! The Quirky Wedding show is filled with the top exhibitors, with a variety of styles who are more than eager to help each and every person who walk through their doors. Don’t be afraid to stretch outside of the box.. If you want a batman cake ask for it! If you want a plain white Victoria sponge ask for it!


Quirky Weddings plays host to two wedding shows a year and their next show is on Sunday 1st March from 12-5pm at the Waterfront in Belfast. You will not be disappointed!

Belfast Bride xxx


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