10 things to do after you get engaged πŸŽ‰πŸ’

He popped the question, you said yes (or in my case squealed yes!) so now what do you do?

1. Tell the world!
After you’ve told all of your nearest and dearest there’s still a lot of other people who need to know. Although a FB status, Twitter post or Instagram pic would be the perfect way to tell everyone at once remember those who won’t see it! Your great aunt who doesn’t have FB won’t appreciate hearing from someone else! Make a list and make your way through it with your other half. Even recruit a parent to get through it quicker (they aren’t the shortest phone calls to make!) and then let the FB likes commence…


2. Get your ring sized.
If you had no idea he was about to pop the question then you may need to get your ring sized.. Although the movie fairytale are beautiful they aren’t reality and most of our other halves don’t exactly know ring sizes off hand especially for that finger you’ve probably never worn a ring on! So check out your local jeweller or even where he bought the ring form and drop it in. Although you won’t want it off your finger in most places it will only take up to a day max!

3. Get your ring insured!
No one likes the thought of loosing their engagement ring but bad things happen and it’s better to be prepared! Check out your house insurance as it may already be covered! If not get the ring insured!


4. Set a date!
After they’ve asked to see your ring and if you had any idea the next question will be.. When’s the big day? Sit down and think if you want a summer or winter, spring or autumn wedding? 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or longer? Have you any friends getting married and you don’t want to clash with their dates? Everyone loves to save the date so be prepared!

5. Let the planning commence!
Head to your local supermarket, buy every magazine on the shelves, check out bridal retailers pages, download Pinterest and off course creep on the Belfast Bride blog! You will be in fantasy land for the next few weeks so enjoy it! At this point you should also consider who you would really want in your bridal party! So many people will jump on the “pick me as a bridesmaid!” but remember.. The more you have the more it costs! Only have those you both truly want!! Write down everything you see that you want, every venue you want to look at, every dress shop you want to check out and torture everyone with your plans!

6. Get a planner!
Let’s be honest we all aren’t made of the big bucks so hiring a wedding planner isn’t practical but there are so many books and guides which will ease you through the planning process! A friend bought me mine for an engagement present and it was amazing! It kept me on track the whole way through making sure I never missed a thing (trust me.. there is a lot to cover!)


7. Saving! Saving! Saving!
A wedding isn’t going to be cheap! Unfortunately we can’t pay for it in happiness! So decide how much you and your other half can afford to save and start putting it away each month! The easiest way? Get a joint savings account (shock! Remember this is the start of married life so what’s his is yours!) and put money away each month! This way you always know how much you have and what you can afford.

8. Plan a party!
You ecstatic! You can’t wait! What better way to celebrate than to plan an engagement party! Choose a venue, write a list of everyone you want to share your special news with (keep this for your wedding invites too it’ll come in handy!), plan some music or entertainment and send out the invites!

9. Talk numbers!
After the excitement has passed it’s time to talk the nitty gritty! Have it in your head from the start what you can afford.. It’s very easy to get carried away when planning a wedding so by setting a budget for each item now you are more likely to stick to it later!

10. Relax!
After all that excitement… Chill! Head out for dinner, off to a spa or even get a takeaway with your other half (you are in savings mode now!) and enjoy being engaged. It’s the most special time full of excitement and happiness so make the most of it! It is the beginning of the rest of your lives as a new family ❀️


The Belfast Bride x

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